Canal Street Tavern – 2/10/10

I’m excited to announce that I will be headlining a proper comedy show at Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio, my humble hometown on February 16th.  This is going to be an awesome show with some very funny friends of mine.  The whole thing has been imagined, booked and arranged by one of the coolest […]

Rejection! What Do You Think?

This is the video that some company that rents homes rejected as a website promo and/or advertising for their company that Mike Cronin and I put together. I think it is funny and that they probably just do not have a good sense of humor. But, then again, maybe it doesn’t quite hit their target […]

Guest on “We Need to Talk” Podcast

I was lucky enough to be on an awesome new podcast called “We Need to Talk,” co-hosted by my buddies Mike Cody and Tom Bolton recently.  I appreciate them having me on as a guest.  I had a blast recording the episode.  I just want to let everyone know that when I am a guest […]

Flick My Clip 2 – Comedy Shorts Festival

I am proud to announce that we are doing a second installment of the “Flick My Clip – Comedy Shorts Festival.” The inaugural screening was a success. And yes, I used the term “inaugural” as I intend for it to become an institution rivaling that of Sundance and the like.  The Second Installment will be […]

Under the Rock – #9

This guy is DAMNED good that I want him to have his own installment of Under the Rock. And, I happen to be a bit tired and have run out of Mountain Dew to think of another one inspiring me as much as him at this very moment. And, I have to get off my […]

Returning Guest on The Detention Show!

I was once again a guest on the sweet ass podcast, The Detention Show with Josh Sneed and his wonderful co-host Mark Chalifoux.  This time we talked about my album and whether or not being good looking can make up for not being funny.  Also, I am proud to say that for the first time […]

Review in

The awesome website did a short, but cool review of one of the shows I did over the holidays at Go Bananas Comedy Club.  I appreciate the ink and the fact that they came out and took a chance on catching my show without knowing me in advance and now are spreading my comedy […]

Radical Rooftop Interview

If you are interested in an interview I recently did with the badass Chris Garcia (Under the Rock),  I am linking you to it HERE.  I suppose I could have just copied and pasted it here, but that is not the in the spirit of internet back scratching, is it?  It was definitely the most […]