Taze Me Two Times

I was recently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, working at the Comedy Cabana with my good buddy Josh Sneed.  We were hanging with Mad Max and Shawn Small at the local rock station in town on Thursday and Friday morning and some unexpected things happened. I got to meet this girl, Kaleigh Brooke, who is […]

Under the Rock – #7

All of the artists in this series do not do what they do because they want a paycheck, the paycheck would be welcomed, but it is not the motivation.  That is what makes them all so great and brilliant.  To be quite frank, it is more than a privilege to be living in the same […]

Under the Rock – #8

This series brings me joy in that the people that I write about bring me joy through laughter, music or film. Sometimes all three. Sometimes a fool can luck his way into being at the right place at the right time in history and will find his/herself surrounded and/or knowing a lot of awesome people. […]

This Year’s “Dear Santa” Letter

I am going to write a Christmas Wish List this year and put in the mail.  I am not kidding.  Why not?  Do I actually believe this will reach the North Pole and get into some mystical, jolly old man’s hands, so he can get to work on fulfilling my deepest wishes?  In short, maybe.  […]

Compilation of Christmas Lists

After I finished hanging up the Christmas lights in my room (yes, I am 33 years old and single), I went rummaging through some old boxes of “forget-me-not’s” and childhood memories.  I was astonished at what I found.  My parents had given me a box of some things from my past that I had never […]

Joke Workshop – “Stranger – Phase #1”

This is Phase #1 of this joke/story, meaning it is the beginning of me committing to working it into the act. With the exception of some very random times over the years, this story has not been in my regular stand up routine. It in my opinion has always been “too much” for me to […]

Co-headlining Go Bananas Christmas Weekend!

I know this is coming out late, but my website shit the bed on me and I have been trying to rebuild it slowly but surely.  In case we are not friends on facebook and you have not been harassed by me on there, I am co-headlining at Go Bananas Comedy Club this weekend with […]

Suburban Housewife Rap Video

I directed and played a role as one of the “man posse” members for Sally Brooks aka Suzy Jenkins in this super-rad rap video.  Sally did all the work on this song and I was just fortunate enough to be friends with her and let her let me direct and edit this video for her […]

Studebaker Pie – the entire series

What is Studebaker Pie? No one can know for sure, but people have their allegiances to it and against it. Some claim it is evil, while others claim it is an agent of love. One thing is for certain, it keeps the people in the town of Bedroomia on their toes. Written, Directed and Edited […]