“A Break From Reality” – Episode #2

Here is another break from reality as Phillip Dan talks about how much he loves The Logical Song by Supertramp.  It could have easily been filed under the “Phillip Dan & Dewey Director’s Cut Series, but it was more of a ‘break’ than it was a ‘joke’ in this particular case. Watch and you’ll see […]

“He Went to Jared!” Commercial Spoof

Here is a short 3 minute video that is a commercial spoof comedienne Nickey Winkelman and I did for The Comedy Circus Show @ Morty’s Comedy Joint in Indianapolis.  It was written, directed and edited by Nickey and I think you will enjoy it.  There is even a cameo by everyone’s favorite stuffed gorilla!

New Clip – “How to Get High Without Drugs”

My buddies over at Rooftop Comedy have posted another clip of mine. I know, I know, it is just a shorter version of a video I posted recently that had me losing my mind aptly called the “Break From Reality.” But, being the attention whore I am, I figured I would do my due diligence […]

Life on the Road: Bachelorette Party

The first installment of “Life on the Road,” which will chronicle the strange, annoying and/or random shit that happens to me and hundreds of other comedians as they travel this strip mall country of ours to tell jokes.  All comedians share many common experiences even if their comedic styles differ vastly.  The purpose of this […]

My Awesomely Radical T-shirt Available Online Now!

I am pleased to announce that after a few hours I have figured out how to sell the new t-shirt online through this site. The price is slightly more due to shipping and convenience (not going to lie, going to post office will cost you), but still reasonable for high quality shirt at only $20 […]

“The History of America” – New Version!

Here is the latest version of “The History of America” bit that I do.  People have asked for a better quality version, so here it is!  This was filmed at Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton, Wisconsin, in May.  The image attached to this post was from the original animation I had done. I am currently […]

“Pirates, Knights and Big Gay Dragons” – New Clip

Another installment of “A Quickie With Singer,” bite sized chunks of my comedy for all you folks out there with no attention spans.  All of these “Quickies” are right around one to two minutes in lenght, so feel free to not rearrange your whole schedule to try to get your fix of my stand up.  […]

Send Me Your Photos of Me

Yes, this is very self-serving indeed.  I am trying in a very unsuccessful most of the time kind of way to take more pictures and have a better documentation of life for all the children and grandchildren I am not going to have.  So, if you have any photos that involve me in any way […]