Rap Music to Quit Smoking

These are some videos that I hope you enjoy.  I find my comedy is best served with a chilled bottle of Crown Royal and a firearm.  Please understand that both are to be used responsibly.  I do not have any money if you would like to sue me.  So, feel free I guess is what […]

The Farley & Charley Show – Trailer

I have posted the trailer for “The Farley & Charley Show” and I will be pumping out the series here in the very near future. It is a “pet” project, that was stupid as hell. Someone very near and dear to me asked if, “it was a product of the battle between good and evil […]

Giants, Shape-shifters and others

I have discovered from my short time on this planet, that there are all kinds of people out there that are not what most people would consider “normal.” They have many names: freaks, weirdos, etc. I think these people are special. I have had the opportunity to meet some of these people and have a […]