Pick Ryan Singer’s Appearance Contest

In an attempt to see if anyone comes to this website, I will be conducting my 1st Annual Pick Ryan Singer’s Appearance Contest. Whichever combination of looks gets the most comments, votes or requests, I will then adopt that style. Here are the choices:

1. Long
2. Medium
3. Short
4. Shaved

1. Clean shaven
2. Stubble
3. Long, flowing beard
4. Neatly trimmed beard
5. Handle-bar mustache

Clothing Style
1. Grunge
2. Contemporary
3. Professional
4. Casual

If you can think of other areas of my appearance that have been silently bothering you and you would like to change, please right in a vote in the comments to express your ideas. I will be the first to admit that my “style” is quite undefined and without vision since Erika and I are no longer together. She is still my consultant on this matter of appearance, so any and all suggestions or otherwise must be approved by her. Keep in mind that if only one person votes, then all changes are void. Not valid in Alaska or Canada as those people have no sense of fashion due to the inclimate weather year round.

Below are pictures of some of the looks I have without better judgment allowed myself to walk around in public as.