David Wilcock – Prepare to have mind blown open

David Wilcock – he will open your mind and then blow it completely off. Seriously. He will. I hope you find the time to watch all 10 videos, but you can always come back and watch the ones you can’t get to later. You will thank me, I hope. Part One: Part Two: Part Three: […]

Domesticated – Episode 1

This is the real life account of comedian Ryan Singer’s life with his ex-girlfriend, Erika Russ, living in an apartment in Los Angeles, California. Episode #1

Pick Ryan Singer’s Appearance Contest

In an attempt to see if anyone comes to this website, I will be conducting my 1st Annual Pick Ryan Singer’s Appearance Contest. Whichever combination of looks gets the most comments, votes or requests, I will then adopt that style. Here are the choices: Hair 1. Long 2. Medium 3. Short 4. Shaved Facial 1. […]

Triumphant Return of “The Ryan Singer Show”

Critics and fans alike have been clamoring and demanding the return of the acclaimed, world’s first and only digital, hand-held recorder talk show, “The Ryan Singer Show.” Well, their cries of desperation have not gone unanswered by the producers of “The Ryan Singer Show.” Starting sometime next month, “The Ryan Singer Show,” will once again […]

Coast to Coast AM, etc.

If you are like me, you enjoy learning about the absurd and the otherworldy.  If you have FOX AM radio and awake late at night, I suggest you check out Coast to Coast AM.  It is a great program that discusses nothing but the crazy, strange and by most people’s opinions, the absurd.  That is […]

The Proper Way to Scandalize

I am not sure what that title means, it just came to me in a flash of mediocrity. I’ve been out traveling a lot recently and have had the opportunity to work with some great comics I did not know previously and some that have been friends of mine for a long time. I wish […]