the inside of my mind

Please take your time in going down the rabbit-hole of my imagination. If you are interested in anything my brain has ever come up with, I assure you that it is located somewhere within the confines of this digital playground. I hope you enjoy. The goal is for this to be the eventual home for all of my online content, but alas, the world has other designs. I still believe it is possible. It is more fun to believe.

Year #2 of the mindcast Me & Paranormal You launches on 1/30/2015!!!


17  –  Underbelly LA 2 Year Anniversary Musical Special!
22 – 30  Grass Valley




6   Canada
7   Canada
12 – 14   Joke Joint – Houston, TX








9 – 11  Laughing Derby – Louisville, KY
12   East Room – Nashville, TN
13   The Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
14   JJ’s Bohemia – Chattannooga, TN
16 – 19  Go Bananas Comedy Club – Cincinnati, OH

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